Hatun Huilaus

Hatun Huilaus - InsideHatun Huilaus is a 92m2 log cabin by the shore of Lake Hattujärvi accommodating 8-10 persons at a time. A separate sauna building with a dressing room is situated by the shore.

Downstairs the cottage has a spacious living room along with the kitchen, a bedroom with a double bed and a wc / bathroom with shower facilities. Upstairs there is a bedroom with two separate beds and a hall space with a convertible sofa, two single beds and a corner nook with armchairs and a table. Upstairs the cabin has a balcony, downstairs a spacious veranda. Naturally there is also a fireplace in the cottage.

The cottage has running hot and cold water and is heated and lighted electrically. There is also an air-source heat pump to keep you comfortable. The standard of equipment includes an electric cooker and oven and a refrigerator with a deep-freeze compartment. There is also a microwave oven, dishwasher, coffee maker, radio, a video recorder and a set of dishes to be used. TV-sets are available both upstairs and downstairs. A washing machine, water heater and toaster are also available.

Lake Hattujärvi is about 30 metres from the cabin. The water, while shallow at first, becomes deep very quickly. By the shore is a terrace, a wood-heated sauna with a dressing-room along with a barbecue shed, an open campfire site and a swing.

A rowing-boat with a small outboard engine is also available in the summer. In the winter a snowmobile can be used for an additional charge.

The cottage is fully accessible by road; straight up to the front porch. The nearest neighbouring cottage is approximately 100 metres away. The village shop and the nearest bus stop are both about 5 kilometres away. The railway station in Joensuu is 125 kilometres away and the distance to the Ilomantsi centre is about 45 kilometres.

Additional information and instructions:

There are both a fire extinguishing coverlet and a powder extinguisher in the cottage!

When leaving the cottage remember to take all trash into the trashcan by the cabin road.

If you are a smoker, please do smoke outside!

Household appliances

The fridge's freezer is automatically on when the fridge is on. Always remember to close the dishwasher faucet after use. When leaving the cabin do remember to unhook the electrical appliances from their wall sockets. (TV, video and radio.)

Cleaning equipment can be found in the bathroom. The cleaning linen and detergents are kept in the kitchen cupboard. The vacuum cleaner is kept in the downstairs bedroom's closet.


The bedclothes for the convertible sofa downstairs are stored in the downstairs bedroom's closet. The bedclothes for the upstairs convertible sofa are in the upstairs bedroom's closet.


When you use the fireplace, remember to open the vents at both the downstairs (in the kitchen) and upstairs (at the chimney duct) points. The 'hooks' in the upper and lower parts of the fireplace's glass hatch may also be adjusted to maximize the draft if needed.


When heating the sauna remember to open the vent in the sauna! The dressing-room is electrically heated so the dressing-room vent does not need to be opened. Firewood for heating the sauna can be found both in the box at the terrace and also in the shed beside the sauna.

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