Pyynpesä - InsidePyynpesä is a moorland built 33m2 log cabin about 3 kilometres from the village of Hattuvaara. The cabin has room for a minimum of four persons at a time.

The cottage has a small lobby with entrance to the wood-heated cabin and the sauna.

In the cabin there is a kitchen nook, a dining table with benches and bunk beds for four people. The bunk beds have mattresses, pillows and blankets ready and waiting for the bed linen you may bring yourself or which can be arranged for a nominal fee.

The cottage is equipped with ecological solar panels which provide the electricity needed for the lighting.

The cabin itself is heated by wood. There is also a set of dishes for six persons and also a gas stove in the cabin that can be used for cooking.

In the cabin's yard there is a log built grill hut that can be used, for example, as a outdoors kitchen for barbecues and / or making campfire coffee.

Also in the cabin yard there is a storehouse / woodshed and nearby this there is also the Pyynpesä cabin's privy.

Washing water is taken from the well behind the cottage but your actual drinking water must be brought from elsewhere; the nearest natural clear water spring is about 300 metres away nearby the road leading to the Hattuvaara village.

In the wintertime a snowmobile can be arranged for an additional charge.

The Pyynpesä cottage is fully accessible from the road. Just drive right in to the yard any time of the year and have a real nature holiday!

The village shop and the nearest bus stop are both about 3 kilometres away. The railway station and the airport in Joensuu are about 123 kilometres away and the distance to the town of Ilomantsi is about 43 kilometres.

Welcome to Pyynpesä, Hattuvaara!

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Welcome to a real gottage holiday!

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